• Analysis of Characteristics of Separation System in Wheat Flour Mill Application
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      Wheat Flour Mill


      Wheat is one of the three major grains and is almost entirely consumed. 


      Modern WHEAT FLOUR MILL is a kind of wheat flour mill that inherits the advantages of traditional stone grinding and has developed new features. Modern wheat flour mill, like traditional stone grinding, enters mineral elements through stone grinding during the production process. In food, flour is rich in nutrition; at the same time, it also inherits the low-speed characteristics of traditional stone grinding, low-speed grinding, low-temperature processing, so that the original food, will not damage the vitamin and trace elements in food due to high temperature, high nutrition.


      Its operation is convenient, one person can operate, automatic feeding, automatic separation, automatic rolling. The wheat flour mill saves a lot of manpower and material resources in production; one machine can be used to grind flour and can also be used to grind beans, grains, etc. The components of wheat flour mill are all made of stainless steel, clean, and reclaimed. Convenient for small-scale processing plants and home use.


      With the development of society and the requirements of human health, more and more green foods have entered people's lives. Wheat flour mill is a kind of green food processing equipment. Wheat flour mill was developed based on ancient stone grinding principles and traditional techniques. It is ground at a low speed and manufactured at low temperatures, and retains various nutrients in wheat. Let the people look and buy while not producing green and green flour for any item. It guarantees the original taste of the food, the taste is pure and natural, and it fully guarantees the original color of the food. It is pure and natural, with fine silty, high water absorption, good taste, and sweet taste.


      Every time the wheat flour mill is used, the operator should carefully and thoroughly clean the whole machine. Especially the screens for the cone sieve and the flat sieve must be cleaned to avoid the screening efficiency and affect the product quality. When wheat flour mill is used for a period of time, some grains and some flour are often accumulated in some corners. If they are improperly cleaned for a long time, they will be mixed with dust and cannot be eaten any more. If they are scattered into damp places, especially Can easily cause mildew and produce odor. In some very narrow areas, it is also particularly prone to dust, and it is extremely difficult to clean.


      In the work of wheat flour mill , in order to realize the product's flow-out product, it is necessary to adopt a corresponding separation system. Similarly, in the processing of flour products, theseparation system of wheat flour mill can achieve the separation of a variety of different raw materials, and then produce different flour products. The specific working flow of the wheat flour mill now used is the equipment for crushing grain into flour. The power system of the wheat flour mill is on the main shaft, and its accessories are arranged in order: bearing caps, radial ball bearings, bearing pads, thrust ball bearings. And radial ball bearings.


      The separation system of wheat flour mill consists of springs, spring washers, inner grinding heads, adjusting nuts and outer grinding heads mounted on the main shaft. The separation system of the wheat flour machinery is installed above the brush on the main shaft, and it uses blade cutting and high-speed airflow impact and collision dual crushing functions to complete the particle sorting and processing at the same time. The milled flour is rich in nutrients, and the vitamins contained in the grain are not destroyed during the processing. Instead, they will increase many mineral elements because of the stone grinding and are beneficial to human body absorption. So now Stone flour has been favored by people.

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