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       Wheat Flour Mill Machine


      Wheat originated in western Asia. In West Asia and Southwest Asia, wild wheat, wild ginseng, and common wheat wild goat grass are widely distributed in the area. 


      The horizontal rotary equipment of WHEAT FLOUR MILL MACHINE is used for wheat cleaning in wheat operations, such as horizontal rotary sieves, rotary vibrating screens; the grading of flour milling industry and the extraction of flours, such as: high square sieves; grain coarsening of the rice milling industry, such as rectangular or A round flat-screen coarse-grained sieve, a white rice grading screen for broken rice, a raw material for inspection room, a particle size test sieve for products and products.


      The material is rotated on the working surface of the mechanical horizontal rotating body of the wheat flour mill machine, and the classification is formed by combining the different frictional effects of the material and the working surface and the material, and the horizontal rotating motion of the material on the hole working surface makes the material loosely open. In order to pass through the screen holes at a certain speed, the material weight and material layer pressure are passed through the screen holes to achieve the purpose of screening. Due to the horizontal rotation of the material particles, the screening can be performed in different lengths of the particles.


      The structure of wheat flour mill machine is relatively simple, and is comparable to that of small flour mills, but it is not simple in terms of grinding function. It is the same as wheat flour mill machine. There are also energy-saving features. Wheat flour mill machine is an energy-saving device. Grinding the same flour requires much more energy than large-scale flour machinery. This is determined by its energy-saving characteristics.

      The energy saving of wheat flour mill machine comes from its structural characteristics, that is, the form of the tooth roller is different from the large flour machine. The roller of the wheat flour mill machine has triangular-shaped strip-shaped roll teeth parallel to the shaft on the surface of the cylinder. This is a new type of roll-type device, which has high strength for crushing grain, high efficiency for processing flour, and roll Long service life.


      The wheat flour mill machine includes a machine base and a power shaft mounted on the machine base, and a grinding cone connected with the power shaft and matched with a mill with a feed port. The technical scheme is: a mill along the axis of the power shaft is arranged. Sharpening gap adjustment mechanism. According to the grain size of the food to be processed and the different requirements for the grain thickness after processing, it can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different users.


      A feeding pipe is arranged on the side of the centrifugal unloader housing of the wheat flour mill machine, and an air outlet pipe is arranged above the housing of the centrifugal unloader; a discharge port is arranged on one side of the centrifugal unloader housing; There is a screen, the outside of the screen is provided with a cover plate, and a diverter valve is connected below the discharge port to connect the diverter tube, which can completely remove the dust and dust falling along with the grain particles, and has low manufacturing cost and low energy consumption.


      The wheat flour mill machine consists of four systems: power, feed, grinding, and separation; the power system consists of a motor, a belt pulley, a V-belt, a spindle pulley, and a spindle; the feed system consists of a hopper, a limit plate, and a feed tube; The grinding system consists of a grinding body and legs; the separation system consists of a brush mounted on the main shaft, a ball pedestal with a wire mesh, compression screws and a frame mounted on the bottom of the grinding body.

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